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Nina Znidersic, is one of the most talented fashion photographers of new generation from Slovenia. When she was a little girl she always took advantage and steal photo camera from her father instead playing with dolls. since she was 6 years old she always pre-claim herself as an official photographer for birthday parties. She loved to capture faces around her in the right place at the right time. But there was more than that. She always searched around for new objects and forms with her deep blue eyes. And when she found something interesting she was petrified that somebody will steal the subject before she had a chance to take a good picture. Today she knows that object will wait for her to find them and she will make them even more beautiful and after that they will become a history. After finishing the high school, she continued to grow her knowledge as a student of History of Art and this year she will graduate from photography on College of Photography with master degree. As a fashion photographer she has unique approach and she try to work with the models in most respectful way, but in the same time she is a strong leader, what is nowadays very important. She is a professional with strong vision how to make models even more beautiful and interesting. her energy and eminence imagination has no boundaries. That is why she can not stop creating a new vision in her head how to make a new art. Her photographs reflect the timeless creative aesthetics and they are full of irresistible sensuality and serenity. “Creation is always part of a process that never ends”, she often says. Perception of beauty is a macro world in which there is room for the photographer to show his ability of expanded thinking. It was Winston Churchill that always said: “ The Woman is as old as she looks and feels”, but with the help of the camera it is possible even more than that.

She is very open-minded, ready for new challenges, creative, efficient and able to solve problems quickly. Unusual projects are the biggest challenges for her. Focused in fashion and art photography which must be powerful, expressive, colorful and dares to show something new.
Able to think widely, very flexible, especially when working outdoors, with difficult props. She use vision to find personality in every person to bring out the best from them by making them feel comfortable and relaxed.

Team worker with fashion models, make-up artists, wardrobe specialists and lighting technicians to achieve a desired look.

She likes to experiment with light, colors, fashion accessories, hairstyles, make-up and always ready to learn something new.
Giving emphasis on general knowledge and to the different areas of fashion photography.

Always in the right place at the right time. Her passion is fashion! And fashion is always an imaginary journey.
Join her on the way to fashion heaven and all that goes with it!

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