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Submission Guidelines


We accept submissions only through our electronic submission system. We do not accept submissions through email, in person, Facebook … or other media.

Submission for the online editorial & F.W.M media

We accept fashion photography, videos, art photos and articles…

We prefer exclusive pictures but we are open to all suggestions.

All the photos/videos/articles need to be submitted through our electronic submission system.

Approved  posts will be shared as an online editorial and shared in Facebook and other F.W.M media as well.

We do not want:

Advertising photos, if you want to advertise your product please contact us here

Images from compact/unsuitable cameras. We require images from at least a 6 megapixel DSLR.

Images that contain a watermark, contain glamour or pornography, or images, which infringe the rights of any third party.

Images that solely feature a logo or trademark – this is a copyright or trademark infringement.

A series of similar images with almost identical compositions or only slightly different exposures.

What to do

After creating your account, fill all the field

  • Post Title: select a nice/attractive title to your post
  • Content: Submit your editorial, photo, video, articles… and please don’t forget the credit
  • Cover photo: select a strong photo, we judge the book by the cover!

Then wait for approval

Please note that FWM reserves the right to edit all material posted to our site.

How to get verified Badge

You have to submit at least 3 approved post

Submission for the magazine:

  1. We usually do our own editorials, but you can shoot for us under our supervision.

First send us the link of your website and more information about your team, and If we like your work we will give you the mood board & the pull letter.

We like to be involved in the casting process as to make sure the model is the perfect fit for the story and the issue.

  1. You can also send us in a PDF file of a story you have finished if you feel it fits with the upcoming issue but it is not guaranteed to get in as talking to us before shooting.

Submissions must be exclusive and comprised of a minimum of 5 photos. Photos must be in (1) PDF file and only those submitted using the submission form provided on FASHION WORLD website will be accepted.


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